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Eames Demetrios the curator of the Essential Eames exhibition at the Singapore Art Science Museum discusses the legacy of his grandparents Charles and Ray Eames.  Interview: Tan Qian Rou | Photography: Wu Zhuo Yi There is a parable that goes something like this: in India, the poorest man eats off a banana leaf. As you ascend […]
Modernist heavyweight Charlotte Perriand is many things: architect, furniture designer, world traveler and style icon. An illustrious career with its beginnings in the offices of legendary architect Le Corbusier imbued Perriand with a sensibility evident in her later work. Her practical, yet vibrant approach towards modularity applies to her style, informing a wardrobe of permutable, […]
“The future is here, now, for me and my friends” proclaims the girl in black, recalling Le Figaro’s Futurist Manifesto published in 1909. Presented with simplicity, and oft mistaken monotony, the tone is characteristic of the power and energy that couples the inevitability of change. Aesop celebrates the new arrival of seasonal Gift Kits – A Futurist Assembly with a […]
Riding on the glitch art phenomenon, German artist David Szauder showcases a series of augmented portraits from his latest work “Failed Memories”. According to the artist, the images serves to recollect fragments of failed memory related to family moments. “I wanted to create an algorithm which needs time to modify the image. More precisely in […]