Modern technology, with its glossy, minimal screens and sleek lines, is beautiful in its own right, but many are still drawn to more traditional design languages, derived from the evolution of craftsmanship and the physicality of components. This dichotomy is most keenly felt in the watch industry, where analogue watches are prized for their artistry and precision, while smart watches are increasingly popularised for their functionality and convenience.

With a Scandinavian heritage informing its clean, streamlined aesthetics, SKAGEN’s watches choose to forgo unnecessary ornamentation in favour of articulating functionality elegantly. This is the spirit which drove them to seek a balance between analogue form and digital function, eventually conceiving their hybrid smartwatch.

Smart functions such as phone notifications, activity and sleep tracking, camera and music control are concealed under the skin of an analogue, battery-operated watch. SKAGEN eschews the two biggest features of modern tech—digital screens and charging capabilities—and allow wearers to discretely filter their phone notifications. Through a thoughtful process of curation, the result is a smartwatch which primarily serves as a timepiece, allowing us to be at some distance from our phones and the constant pressure of being connected, without sacrificing style or craftsmanship.

Skagen hybrid smartwatches are available at Zalora, TANGS Tang Plaza, TANGS VivoCity and Takashimaya.