On left: Ivania wears dress fom COS

On top: full look from TIBI

On right: Ivania wears top from JOSEPH and trousers from PEET DULLAERT | All shoes from Charles & Keith

There aren’t many bloggers as singular as Ivania Carpio. Even before the rise of Instagram minimalism, Carpio’s blog Love Aesthetics gathered her a strong cult following, with readers drawn to her ruminations on minimal living, excellent sense of style and occasional DIY projects. Since starting Love Aesthetics in 2008, Carpio’s presence and work have netted her collaborations with brands from Maison Margiela and Comme des Garçons to Nike and Calvin Klein. Demonstrating her boundless creative energy, Carpio has recently launched AETELIER, an enunciation of the Love Aesthetics brand through common wearables and objects, designed with simplicity and functionality.

To say that Love Aesthetics is a brand might be oversimplifying things. Love Aesthetics is, inherently, more than Carpio’s creative output. It is a reflection of her lifestyle, which is in turn an expression of her philosophy of minimalism. Carpio’s approach to minimalism is not merely a means of achieving monochromatic Instagram photos, but a mindset of decluttering and curating, applied to both one’s self and surroundings. And while her followers grow stronger yet on social media, the Love Aesthetics blog remains Carpio’s strongest presence. It offers a glimpse into her genuinely fascinating lifestyle and thought process, leading us to reflect on our own habits, and leaving us eagerly awaiting her next creative venture.

Photography & Styling by Romeo Pokomasse & Ivania Carpio | Art Direction by Clifford Loh | Hair & Makeup by Rauda Raily | Words by Qian Rou Tan